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Archive | November, 2011

The Complexities Surrounding the Simple Task of Eating

The problem with choice

Humans have been eating for over 2 million years, so you would think that we have got the hang of it by now, wouldn’t you?

Evidently not.

We no longer have to hunt our food down or go foraging in the wilderness for it.
The hardest thing we have to do for food now, is to run the gauntlet of the
supermarket aisles, battling it out with the other shopping trolleys in the wild west of Woolworths.
But, as a race we are fatter, slower and more diseased than ever.

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Tips for Growing your own Carrots at home

Thin carrots twice, firstly to 2 cm apart when they are around 5 cm tall, then 2-3 weeks later to 5 cm apart.  You can use these little carrots you pull out as baby ‘spring carrots’. These days carrots come in all sorts of colours and sizes.  The colourful heirloom Rainbow Blend (see above) look […]

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Special Announcement

Hey everyone, I want to introduce someone who is very important to me…my mum, Kathy Reid. My mum is unstintingly supportive of me in anything I have ever done or wanted to do and this blog is no exception. In the last 8 months since I have taken up the sport of gardening my mum […]

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Grass-fed Gippsland Cows

How to Make Your Own Blackout Blinds

In my role as a medical representative I am often on the road away from home. When I used to look after the East Gippsland region of country Victoria, I had the pleasure of staying in a beautiful bed and breakfast just out of Sale. Minnie’s B&B is a self-contained house on a 10 hectare […]

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