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21-Day Sugar Detox

hmm…nom nom nom

Like many who have “gone Paleo” I feel like I have added sugar under control…Most of the time.

Yes, there are times when I will go for a gluten-free cake or dessert at a restaurant.
And, yes sugar has been the prime culprit in pushing me off the Paleo wagon in the past.

But when I make chocolate and other treats at home now, I can generally get away with putting just a squirt of honey in…if I add any honey at all.
(Having said that, I have recently weaned myself off of having a bowl of chocolate or some other treat every night after dinner).

So the 21-day Sugar Detox didn’t seem like a big deal to me.
Not like something that I really needed to do.

Does this sound like you?

If I told you that for the next 21 days you would be forgoing any gluten-free pseudo foods, fruit, paleo-ish sweeteners, cheese & yoghurt…what would you do?
Make a “phhfft” noise and shrug your shoulders like “meh, whatever”?

Now, how about if I said you would be also going without sweet potato and other starchy veggies? Got your attention now?
Would you rather have cold showers for the next 21 days than give up sweet potato?

Roast Girello and Veggies

My husband recently pointed out to me that I have been cooking a lot of roasts lately (my convenient excuse for chopping up a boat load of sweet potato and other winter veggies) …and that maybe, just maybe, I was eating too much sweet potato.

I refrained from stabbing him with a fork and quickly denied there was any such problem.

However, a quick flick through the photos I post up on the ESM Facebook page shows a different story.

So many of my night-time meals (and even treats) have some form of sweet potato, yam, beetroot or other starchy veggie in them.

All varieties and variations of sweet potato, kumara, yam, taro, beetroot & other starchy veggies

My Supply

If I am being truthful with myself, I have slowly been developing an unhealthy dependance on sweet potato and other starchy veggies.

The box on the right is my current supply of sweet potato, kumara and taro.

I would expect the sweet potato and kumara to last me for less than a week.
The taro maybe two weeks.

So, it is a Sugar Detox for me.
Or more accurately …a sweet potato detox.

Why would I want to do this?

  • To better regulate my blood sugar levels, improve my insulin sensitivity and allow my body to secrete enough glucagon to access my body fat for energy between meals.
  • Like most of us, my body prefers to run on fat and right now I certainly would not be fat-adapted.
  • I actually feel better when I have more fat in my diet.  I am less bloated and more alert. I feel like I have more energy and I can go for longer between meals without falling in a heap.
  • In their recent book ‘It Starts with Food’ Dallas & Melissa discuss the importance of having a psychologically healthy relationship with food.  Sweet potato has undeniably become a highly rewarding food for me.  It has tapped into the pleasure and reward pathways in my brain creating cravings, ‘automatic consumption’ and definitely overconsumption.
  • A 21-day break from sweet potato will do me good and allow me to ‘eat responsibly’ again.

Would your body benefit from a short-term break from sugar & carbohydrate-dense foods?

Want to join me in a 21-Day Sugar (and sweet potato) Detox?

The 21-Day Sugar Detox

*Note for Athletes & anyone who is pregnant or doing intense exercise:  The 21-Day Sugar Detox does allow you to have 1/2 – 1 cup of sweet potato or other carb-dense veggie post-workout

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