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Habit Hooks for the Wild Food Challenge

A good way to fast-track change is to hook a new behaviour onto an existing habit.

The new behaviour then becomes something that you do automatically, which requires much less conscious thought and energy!

We are all creatures of
Habit & Routine

As part of our routine, we all have to shop for food, whether we choose to do it at a supermarket or farmer’s market.

We all have to buy, prepare, cook and eat food.
Each step of the Wild Food Challenge will help you to tweak your current routines & habits and to hook new behaviours onto these existing ones.
It starts with something as simple as picking up a new, ‘wild’ food when you are doing your normal shop.

Habit hooks take the form of “Whenever I do this (your current routine or habit), I will also do that (your new behaviour).”

Some examples of habit hooks that might work for you:

Grass-fed beef burgers on portobello mushrooms with slices of purple yam & chimichurri sauce

  • Whenever I have a Wild Food in the fridge, I will always use it before it goes bad or goes past it’s best before date.
  • Whenever I go to the supermarket, I will always check out the spice section for something I have never tried before.
  • Whenever I see the butcher, I will ask him about a new cut of meat or organ that I have never cooked before.
  • Whenever I check Facebook, I will always check in the the Wild Food Group and see what recipes and Wild Foods everyone is posting up to get some ideas.
  • Whenever I watch a cooking show on TV, I will try out at least one of the recipes they cook or a mix of flavours they use or at least one of the cooking techniques they demonstrate.
  • Whenever I cook a Wild Food Meal, I will take a picture of it and post it up in the Facebook Group to keep me accountable
  • Whenever I eat out at a restaurant or cafe, I will try to choose a dish I have never eaten before.
  • Whenever I cook a Wild Food Meal, I will get the kids to help me in the kitchen.
  • Whenever I write a food item I need to buy on my shopping list, I will always add either ‘Wild Food’ or the next Wild Food I have in mind.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit” ~ Aristotle

Decide in Advance

Change can hard and exhausting because often a lot of conscious thought, willpower and self-control is required.
Brian Wansink’s research at Cornell University has shown that the average person makes well over 200 decisions about food every day.


How much easier would it be if you were able to plan out some good food decisions in advance?
How much easier would it be if you made decisions on what you are going to do in certain situations and put these behaviours on auto-pilot?

Planning is the key.

It will help you to plan your bite-sized goals and habit hooks for the Wild Food Challenge in advance.

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