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Have you done the 2012 Paleo Survey yet?

Survey your Paleo Lifestyle

David Csonka of Naturally Engineered needs your help!

He has put together the 2012 Paleo Community Survey.

The purpose of this survey is to collect information about paleo diet community members, including demographic information, medical conditions, dietary preferences, and physical activity.

Why should you participate?

The resulting data will be invaluable in terms of understanding the nature of the paleo movement.

It will be provided to other bloggers and researchers with the goal of providing a clearer picture of how the paleo diet has affected the lives of its adherents.

Last year there were over 6,000 respondents, so don’t miss your chance to add your input into the Paleo Pool.

You will be well rewarded for your time. At the end of the survey you will get exclusive access to discount coupon codes to get 15% off your next U.S. Wellness Meats order and a FREE Feb/Mar issue of Paleo Magazine.

You can also choose to enter a prize draw to win $50 gift certificates, and more!

I promise the survey is very concise and easy to complete.  It took me less than 5 minutes to run through the questions.

Click here to take the survey now —> 2012 Paleo Community Survey

If you are interested, you can review the results of last year’s survey to see previously collected data and get a sample of the types of questions to expect for this year.

The new results will be released in a similar manner, for free, to the general public after the survey is concluded.


Click here to take the survey now —> 2012 Paleo Community Survey

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One Response to Have you done the 2012 Paleo Survey yet?

  1. cavewoman diet Wednesday 7 November, 2012 at 11:03 PM #

    While “nourishing ones inner caveman” or the “Paleo Caveman Diet” is a really smart phrase specifying a need for an

    alteration of eating habits. It’s more appropriate and also a better description of a very successful eating plan.