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Is The Wild Food Challenge For You?

In short, YES.

The question you should really be asking yourself is
“Do you feel happy, punk?”

The idea with the Wild Food Challenge is to be bold and challenge yourself to ‘take a walk on the wild side’ by opening your mind to tasting, cooking, & enjoying new foods.
To inspire you to experiment and get creative in the kitchen and share your creations with your family, friends and the Wild Food Challenge Facebook community.

All are essential ingredients in the recipe for personal happiness and fulfilment.

Kaikoura Sea Feast – Crayfish, scallops, paua, kingfish, sweet potato and salad

At length, The Wild Food Challenge is for you, if you:

  • Are not hitting your weight-loss, wellness or performance goals.  Maybe you feel like you are getting there, but progress is slow.
  • Are frustrated because you got good results when you initially changed your diet and lifestyle, but have since plateaued.
  • Are bored and stuck in a culinary rut.  Maybe you are eating the same foods week in & week out, but in different combinations, on different nights of the week.  Or maybe you even have a “Monday Meal” and a “Tuesday Meal”…
  • Feel like you spend too much time in the kitchen.  Or, are starting to feel like all you do is prepare food for yourself and your family.
  • Have done the 30-day Paleo challenge and are wondering where to go from here.  Do you feel like the excitement of trying something new has worn off and you need a continual challenge to keep you focussed and on track?
  • Have tried to “eat healthy” but couldn’t stick with it.  Perhaps you tried to change too much too fast, fell off the wagon and slipped back into old eating habits.
  • Know you need to “eat healthier” but are a little overwhelmed by it all.  Maybe you are at a bit of a loss as to how to go about changing the way you eat and need some strategies to get you started.
  • Have thought about “going Paleo,” but have been put off by how restrictive it seems“Seriously, all you eat is meat and veggies?”
  • Tend to eat the same handful of veggies week in and week out. The same veggies, in different combinations and meals.
  • Are feeling restless, unfulfilled and uninspired in your current life.
  • Want to live a life a little less ordinary and are curious about becoming a Wild Foodie.

Kaikoura Sea Feast - Crayfish, scallops, paua, kingfish, sweet potato and salad

Now, to the next big question…

What are your Health & Wellness goals?

Do you want to lose weight? Eat healthier? Look better naked? Have more energy to run around and play with the kids? Better sports performance? New PR’s in the gym or Crossfit box? To better manage your stress levels? Be happier and more fulfilled? Get rid of niggly little symptoms that have been causing you issues?

What are you doing right now on a week to week basis to get you there?

If you are not hitting your health & wellness goals, then it is time to change it up.
It is time to start planning and setting some tactical Bite-Sized Goals that will help you achieve your big Mammoth-Sized, health & wellness Goals.

The Wild Food Challenge is the perfect vehicle for implementing the kind of change that will boost you towards where you want to be and help you stay there in the long run.

Small actions can create ENORMOUS change” ~ Dean Dwyer, Make Shift Happen (referencing The Dragon Fly Effect)

Don’t have any particular goals?
Take some time out and have a think about it.

Want some suggestions for goal setting?

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