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Jo Fitton on Being a Cardio Addict: Low Carb Down Under

Exercise is good for you right?

Jo Fitton, co-ordinator of the Melbourne Paleo Meet-up Group told us her cautionary tale about the effects of too much exercise on her body and her psyche at the Low Carb Down Under seminar in Byron Bay.

I used to say to people that if you’re not puffing and you’re not sweating then you are not exercising.  You are not doing anything and you are never going to lose any weight…So I apologise to all those people”

Jo Fitton

Her dry and witty account of her experiences with starting to run, losing weight, binge drinking, her ‘healthy’ diet at the time (full of lots of fat-free yoghurt and whole grains), her coffee addiction, becoming a personal trainer and her thoughts on Michelle Bridges really resonated with many people in the audience.

Jo’s story was about doing everything ‘right’ but having everything fall apart around her, because she was just pushing her body too hard.
Her totally exhausted adrenal glands simply could not keep up with the production of cortisol her stressed body was demanding.

The effects of her overtraining were far reaching and Jo found herself:

  • Planing her life around her exercise and training.
  • Addicted to carbs and obsessed with where her next meal was coming from.
  • Gaining weight again (to which conventional wisdom says she needed to eat less and exercise more, which she did …initially).
  • Sleeping poorly.
  • Anxious, stressed, fatigued and unable to concentrate.
  • Having issues with chronic pain, memory, digestion and menstruation.

Jo got her life back on track after finding Sarah Wilson’s Blog and Mark’s Daily Apple where she learnt about adrenal fatigue and the Paleo Diet.

This is what Jo is now doing to heal herself:

  • Not exercising like a crazy person
  • Eating whole foods, cutting out food toxins, increasing the good fats in her diet and minimising coffee
  • Consulting with a good integrated medical practitioner and following his supplementation advice to support her adrenals and thyroid
  • Focussing on her gut health. So doing what needs to be done to heal her leaky gut and to manage a bacterial overgrowth and food sensitivities
  • Better stress management with meditation and mindset

Jo Fitton on fine tuning her journey back to good health

It is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking “If a little bit is good for me, then more must be even better!”

I think this is the reason why Jo’s story resonated.
So many people in the audience were not only interested in their health and wellbeing but also very pro-active about doing what needs to be done in the pursuit of good health.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions”

Jo’s personal account is the un-told story of how our all-or-nothing mentality and hectic go-go-go lifestyle can really push our health in totally the opposite direction to where we intend on going.

So, take heed people!  It is very easy to overdo it.

Here is a clip of part of Jo’s presentation, curtesy of Jimmy Moore.

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Do not underestimate the power of getting together with like-minded people!


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