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Launch of Eat. Sleep. Move.

Welcome to Eat. Sleep. Move.

This is a blog that will share both my own and my husband’s experiences with eating to a Paleolithic template, improving our sleeping habits, training in a Crossfit box, learning to cook and growing our own heirloom veggies.

For basic survival the physical needs of our paleolithic ancestors were not so very different from our own.  We all need: food, water, oxygen, shelter, clothing and activity (sex, exercise and rest).

But, as modern day hunter-gatherers who are cashed-up and living in the urban jungle with all the advantages of Metricon, air-con and indoor plumbing we don’t really need to worry about much more than to:

eat, sleep, and move.

Do these 3 things badly and you might end up in a place like this:


Creepy Hospital by boliston, Flickr

But do these well and the rewards are immense in terms of how you can look, feel and perform not to mention your health and longevity (to borrow a Wolf-ism).

It was through Cross-fit that I first came to Paleolithic eating.  Sonia – who runs my local Crossfit box in Mornington – set up a Paleo Challenge for the month of October 2010.  The challenge was to eat real food for one whole month and to completely eliminate any grains, dairy, legumes, sugar and alcohol – essentially any processed foods.

It was hard!  But by the end of the month both my husband, Andrew, and myself were noticing positive changes in ourselves and each other…so we decided to continue.

In the 10 months since “going paleo” we have both lost a fair amount of weight and seen significant changes to our body composition.  Our moods have improved, we feel better – more energised and less irritable.  Andrew’s asthma symptoms have disappeared and both my acne and eczema have improved, I also notice far less bloating.  It has completely changed what we are eating, how we see food, how we perceive different foods to taste and our whole approach to eating.

Even more, people around us started to notice these positive changes as well and lets face it, everyone likes an ego boost so that pretty much sealed the deal for us to continue down this track.  Friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances will often comment on how good we are looking – leaner, healthier and  happier with glowing skin (the last was a little disconcerting for Andrew, coming from a male workmate!).

However, when we tell them what we are up to people often see it all as just a bit too hard.

We hear things like “wow, that sounds restrictive” and “so…what do you actually eat?” and definitely the “oh, but I couldn’t give up my bread/ cakes/ pizza/ beer… [just insert any processed food here]… and “I don’t have time to cook/ can’t cook/ or don’t know what to cook”.

My Vision

So, my vision for this blog is to share our experiences with anyone who might be interested in the Paleo Diet, weight-loss, health and longevity, eating to support a Crossfit habit and learning to cook and be more self-sufficient in the garden.  I am keen to share stories, opinions, learnings, recipes and tips on how to incorporate Paleo into your lifestyle, growing veggies at home in the backyard and training in a Crossfit box.  My hope is that this will give you the inspiration to take responsibility for your own health and well-being and also to put some tools in the tool-box to effect change.

Lets face it though, I am not an expert in any of this.  I am learning as well.  When it comes to this whole gardening caper, I am trying to turn my very brown thumbs green!  I have a huge interest in improving health and longevity through quality nutrition and currently all of my reading around nutrition is completely self-directed with the intention of formal study in the future.  I am not a trainer, but I do believe that a big focus on functional strength and mobility will serve any person well – young or old.

As part of the sharing experience I value any comments and feedback from you guys.  Also, any tips you might have for things that work for you and recipes you have found.  Gardening tips will be especially well received but everything is welcome.  There will hopefully be opportunity for guest posts, so if there is anything in particular you want to see in this blog please feed it back.

At this stage my intention is to post at least once a week and I will continue to update the Eat. Sleep. Move. Facebook page daily.  Feel free to sign up to the RSS feed so whenever a new post is published it will come straight to your email inbox.

Thank you and until next time,

Eat. Sleep. Move… and open your mind!

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