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The Primal Shift Podcast

FBAvatarWelcome to the Primal Shift Podcast.

If you have been feeling the disconnect between conventional advice for health and wellbeing and your own real life results, you have come to the right place.

Here, you are certainly not alone.

Your hosts Crystal, Jo, Ivy & Charby invite you to listen, learn and share as we talk ‘practical approaches to primal living in the modern world‘, along with regular guests, experts, practitioners and of course you guys, the everyday person trying to make a Paleo or Primal lifestyle work for you.

A Paleo or Primal approach to wellness revolves around tuning into our bodies, our thoughts and our emotions and shifting the way we eat, sleep, move, think, play and live so it’s more in line with our basic biology.

The theme of this podcast is relaxed and informal, imagine us sitting around your kitchen table sharing a cuppa and having a chat about the trials and tribulations of modern life.

Because we are not scientists, we are not going to fill our conversations with empirical facts and data.  We will endeavour instead, to invite the experts along on a regular basis to share their wisdom and give our anecdotal ramblings a bit of scientific back bone.

Above all, we will try and keep this podcast simple and practical, because modern life is hard enough as it is!

We hope you enjoy this podcast series!
Because we cannot do this podcast without you sharing your thoughts, experiences, learnings and feedback on the podcasts with us, we invite you to head over to The Primal Shift Facebook Page to connect with the Primal Shift crew.

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