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Special Announcement

Hey everyone,

I want to introduce someone who is very important to me…my mum, Kathy Reid.

My mum is unstintingly supportive of me in anything I have ever done or wanted to do and this blog is no exception.

In the last 8 months since I have taken up the sport of gardening my mum has been extremely patient in answering all of my questions and many a skype call to home has deteriorated into a Q&A on gardening, cooking and food photography – my poor dad puts up with a lot, but not to be outdone, he also knows his way around the garden, composting and how to get the best flavours out of a meal of wild game!

I am proud to announce that my mum has very generously offered to share her knowledge and expertise with all of us.
Drawing on over 30 years of gardening experience, she will distill that knowledge down into some guest posts for Eat. Sleep. Move.
These posts will include tips on growing your own veggies at home, highlights on when to plant certain crops and updates on what she is up to at the Rangiora Community Gardens.
I will add my two-cents here and there – from a learners perspective – but we should all feel very lucky that we are not relying on me to be the font of
knowledge on growing veggies at home…phew [wiping perspiration from brow].

So, over to my mum…

Kathy Reid, my mum

Hi I’m Kathy,

I live with my husband Wayne just north of Christchurch in New Zealand.
We have a veggie garden, glasshouse and orchard where we grow our own food organically.
I think there is nothing better than fresh organic produce picked straight from your own garden!

It was my mum who first sparked my love of gardening when I was 6 years old.
I used to work at her side helping to keep the weeds away from her beautiful flowers.
Over time, propagating plants and growing veggies has become a passion.

I also have the pleasure of working as head gardener at Rangiora Community Garden (RCG) which was founded in January 2010.
When we first started, the garden was 1 acre of wilderness.
It included, an overgrown veggie garden & unruly herbaceous borders, orchard of fruit trees, grove of hazel nut trees, walnut trees, berries bushes, glasshouse, 1 compost heap, hen house (no resident chooks) and a gazebo.

We have since divided the veggie garden into 14 veggie plots on a 4 year crop rotation, added a pottage & herb garden, worm farm, 3 more compost heaps, covered table for propagation, chooks into the hen house, liquid fertilizers –
comfrey & nettle, worm, horse/cow & seaweed – raised beds for volunteers with disabilities and a children’s play area.

The RCG is maintained by a coordinator and team of volunteers including myself.
We operate the garden organically and the fresh produce we grow is harvested and packed into boxes.
The food is then distributed to the needy people of our community.

In my role at the RCG, I enjoy sharing my gardening skills with others, building relationships, guiding and encouraging people to overcome challenges while enjoying the gardening experience.
I look forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise with you also.

Look out for upcoming guest posts from Kathy, until then check out the Eat. Sleep. Move Facebook page and Twitter for daily updates.


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