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Watch Out America! The scarily successful ‘Share a Coke’ Campaign may be heading your way

The ‘Share a Coke’ campaign absolutely exploded in Australia over the summer of 2011. The campaign involved printing people’s names on millions of coke cans and bottles. People either found or ordered custom made coke bottles & cans, so they could ‘share a coke’ with their friends and loved ones. It was HUGE!

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Debunking Calories In vs Calories Out for Weight Loss: Assumption #1

When any government organisation or weight-loss guru advocate eating less and exercising more to lose weight, they are really trying to bend and contort the Calories In vs Calories Out principle into a weight loss strategy.

To apply this principle to weight loss they are forced to make some assumptions.

Assumption #1

That the only two variables that impact our body fat stores are the calories we consume and the calories we expend.


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Why the Calories In vs Calories Out Principle is Not a Practical Tool for Weight Loss

Who wants to be fat? Show of hands…? Anyone? No-one…right…me neither! Many people’s lives seem to be totally consumed with how ‘fat’ they perceive themselves to be, how much they want to get rid of that fat and what they are doing to remedy the situation. This mental and physical battle of the bulge can […]

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