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Watch Out America! The scarily successful ‘Share a Coke’ Campaign may be heading your way

“Share a Coke” Campaign

The ‘Share a Coke’ campaign absolutely exploded in Australia over the summer of 2011.

The campaign involved printing people’s names on millions of coke cans and bottles.
People either found or ordered custom made coke bottles & cans, so they could ‘share a coke’ with their friends and loved ones.

It was HUGE!

Australian’s seemed to go batty for it as photos of coke cans taken with smartphones, seemingly took over Facebook timelines in the lead up to Christmas.

Stats reported in this Food Magazine article show how scarily successful this social media driven campaign really was:

62,208 virtual Cokes created of which 56,211 were shared.
This generated 1,719,227 [Facebook] newsfeed impressions!…
126,000 consumers have had custom named cans created for them at our Westfield kiosks — this is 5 times our original estimations,” she explained.
“The company has also experienced a 92 per cent increase in the number of posts on its Facebook page, with almost 29 000 posts about the campaign alone since the launch.”

‘Share a Coke’ on Facebook

The head of Coca Cola global Marketing & Commercial, Joseph Tripodi, made these comments to journalists at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity earlier in June:

We’re very convinced that [’Share a Coke’] will be picked up by a number of markets next year so we’re very positive around that. It’s really something that is representative of shared platform growth and positive business and brand level results…It’s not easy to execute as there’s a lot of moving parts on that. The beauty is you roll learnings from one market over to the next market. I wouldn’t be surprised if we launched it in 2013.”

— Reported by Darren Davidson, The Australian

Watch out America!  Australia could well be ‘Sharing a Coke’ with you and the rest of the world next summer. Click to Tweet This

In his TED talk earlier this year, Stephan Guyenet shared this with us:  In 1822, it took the average American 5 days to consume the amount of sugar in one 12 ounce (355ml) can of soda.  Nowadays, the average american consumes this amount of sugar every 7 hours. 

I am not going to ‘Share a Coke’ with you.

Instead, I am going to share an infographic with you.
One that shows just how far reaching the effect of ‘sharing’ just one soda a day, every day, can really be.

Soda Infographic

What do you think?  Would the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign be just as successful in America as it was here in Australia?  Or worse…could it be even more successful?

Instead of ‘sharing a coke’ with your family and friends this summer, show you really care by sharing this infographic with them instead. Just click below to share on Facebook or Twitter.

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