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What Is The Wild Food Challenge?

Low Hanging Fruit, by Kathy Reid, Red Bubble

You have probably landed here because you have decided that it’s time for a change.

Well, you have come to the right place.

Making change can be hard.

With the Wild Food Challenge, we start by picking the ‘low hanging fruit’.
That is, changing simple little behaviours which are then tacked onto our current habits and routines.  These bite-sized actions build up over time to help us achieve our big, mammoth-sized goals.

How would you eat a woolly mammoth? … One bite at a time”

The Wild Food Challenge is a holistic approach to changing the way you think and eat, one bite at a time.

The Big Mammoth-Sized Goal:

  • To nourish your body more completely with a wider array of high quality, well sourced, whole foods.
  • To nourish your mind by challenging yourself, trying new things, expressing your creativity in the kitchen and sharing your micronutrient rich meals with others.
  • To bring together all the necessary ingredients for health & happiness and to cook up a life a little less ordinary. So you can really love the life you live.

The Challenge:

To be bold and push yourself to taste, try, buy, cook, eat, savour & share new foods that you may have never seen before, tried before or cooked before.
To make seeking out culinary novelties and challenges something that you do on a regular basis, not just every so often.

The beauty of this Challenge, is that you choose the level of ‘wild’ you want to unleash.

Dutch Carrots, Kale & Romanseco Broccoli at the Mornington Farmer’s Market

It might just be foods you haven’t had since you were young or didn’t think you liked. (Keeping in mind that our tastes change and especially so when we move away from processed, refined foods and start enjoying whole foods.)
It might be experimenting with different recipes, flavour combinations or methods of preparation while cooking with foods you have tried before.
It might be something as simple as just picking up the purple carrots instead of the orange ones.
Or, you might choose to really up the ante and look for foods that are totally outside of the Western mindset.  Maybe you will give liver and fermented foods a go.

We are not reinventing the wheel here.  You probably already naturally pick up new foods every so often, when you are out shopping.
Chances are you have already stepped outside your comfort zone, if you have started eating to a Paleo template.
You have probably tried some foods you didn’t used to eat and tinkered with new recipes and cooking techniques. You are probably already spending more time in the kitchen and paying more attention to what you are putting in your mouth.
Possibly, you were drawn to Paleo by a motivation to thrive, rather than just survive.

So, what will the Wild Food Challenge do for you?

  • It will seriously supercharge your body. You will be getting in a wider array of micronutrients, compared to what you get from your current food rotation. All of these extra vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants will help you to look, feel and perform the way you want to.
  • It will stimulate your brain and recharge your mind. By challenging yourself with new foods and recipes, you will be pushed to think, learn & experiment in the kitchen and at the dinner table. You will be able to indulge and nurture your creative side (trust me, even if you think you aren’t all that creative, you might just surprise yourself once you get going!)
  • It will change the way you think and act.  By taking charge of vital little behaviours and routines, you will be building new habits that will become automatic and easier to stick with in the long run.

Above all, you will be boosting yourself towards achieving your weight-loss, wellness or performance goals and cooking yourself up a life a little less ordinary in the process.

As an Added Bonus:

Radishes by Kathy Reid, Red Bubble

  • By becoming more comfortable with trying new foods and planning to continually add new foods into the mix, you will be boosting your mental list of comfort foods and go-to meals, making boredom in the kitchen a thing of the past.
  • You will also be stretching yourself to grow and learn new skills in the kitchen.  With all kinds of new cooking methods under your belt, you will be boosting your ability to cook anything with relative ease.
  • Foods that are the most nutrient dense – food that is locally sourced, wild-caught, grass-fed, pastured and even organic – are much tastier and often more colourful & visually appealing than conventionally raised food. Or food that is grown and trucked halfway across the country.
    You will be totally indulging your senses and treating your tastebuds with every Wild Food Meal.
  • You will look like a fancy pants and impress everyone when you share your Wild Meals at dinner parties or pot-luck dinners. Everyone will want to know what you have created and how you made it. You will be plagued with praise and requests for your recipes.
  • You will be the ultimate role model for your family and friends. You can be the change you want to see. Rather than nagging them to eat good food and improve their health, you can show them how interesting and tasty it can be to eat well.
  • Even shopping for food will become more exciting. As you channel your inner ‘nutrient seeker,’ you will suddenly be finding new foods to try all over the place.
  • You will have access to the Wild Food Challenge Community and will be able to bounce ideas, recipes and ask questions of like-minded foodies (who will not think you are crazy for taking pictures of all the food you eat and posting it up on Facebook).
    In fact, I encourage you to post up your Wild Food selections and meals in the Facebook Group. Seeing what other people are doing with different foods and recipes, really gets your creative juices going and you will start thinking about how you could do things that little bit differently.

Photo from The Wild Food Challenge Community, courtesy of Kathy Reid, Red Bubble

*Note: This is not a “diet”. It is not a short term quick fix. This challenge does not end in 30-days. This challenge is definitely more about the journey rather than the destination. The Wild Food Challenge is a life challenge. Your health and happiness is worth it. The health of your family is worth it.

And, believe me…once you get started you won’t want to stop!

As you revel in the success of the last meal you will be super motivated to plan the next one.
As you cook, eat and enjoy all these new foods, your brain will engage and you will start thinking and making mental lists of all the different ways you could cook a particular food. Or lists of foods you are yet to try.
After checking in the Facebook Group, you will find yourself stopping at foods that you previously used to walk past because you simply didn’t know what to do with them.

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