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Wild Food Challenge

Just one bite at a time…

How would you eat a woolly mammoth? … One bite at a time”

The Wild Food Challenge is a holistic approach to changing the way you think and eat …one bite at a time.

You will be encouraged to think and shop outside of your current supermarket basket and to try just one new food at a time.
Or just one new recipe or cooking method at a time.

The idea’s underlying the Challenge come from research into:

  • The importance of micronutrients in the diet 
  • The psychology of happiness, and 
  • The neuroscience of brain and behaviour.

Neuroscience is proving that indeed, when our brains are free from the basic animal needs of safety, what engages the most neural activity are: novelty, challenge, connection and expression. And many of the world’s largest happiness surveys are finding the same at a global level – we want to feel more engaged at work, and what makes us engaged are things like choice, contribution, and creative expression.”
~ Brendon Burchard, The Charge

The Wild Food Challenge is all about nourishing your body more completely with a wider variety of whole foods.
It is also about nourishing your mind more completely by continuously trying new things; challenging yourself to learn and adapt; expressing your creativity in the kitchen and sharing your nutrient dense meals with your family, friends & the Wild Food Challenge Community.
Ultimately, you will be bringing together all the necessary ingredients for good health & happiness, so you can love the life you live.

Variety is the spice of life. That gives it all its flavour” ~ William Cowper

It all starts with “taking a walk on the wild side” and opening your mind to tasting and experimenting with new foods and turning a few small behaviours into habits that can be sustained for life.


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