Staple Diet – What Are the Best Foods For Your Child

staple diet

Staple diet, which refers to a certain type of diet, is defined as a certain type of food consumed habitually and in large amounts that it forms a large part of your daily food intake, providing a high percentage of energy requirements and generally shaping a major part of your nutritional intake. Foods rich in essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, dietary fibre and phytochemicals are usually included in a staple diet.


The most popular examples of this type of diet are those followed by children. These kinds of foods are usually high in carbohydrates and proteins, which are essential in growing up as healthy and strong individuals. They also contain low-fat content, which allows them to be consumed with little or no effort. However, children should not consume them regularly because their absorption might be compromised by their absorption, which may even lead to severe malnutrition and other complications.

A good example of a staple diet in the American diet, which is mainly comprised of red meats, whole-grains and cereals and is generally low in fat and sugars. This diet does have many benefits for kids. Aside from the fact that it provides them with a good source of protein and iron, they are also able to absorb these nutrients easily. Red meat, poultry and eggs are all very rich in protein, thus making them good for kids as well as adults. It also provides them with the necessary nutrients like iron and vitamins A, B, C, E, K, L, M, N, Z and E as well as important minerals like potassium and phosphorus, essential vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and the mineral calcium.

Main Benefits

It is also said that these foods aid in the development of strong bones as these contain high levels of essential nutrients like phosphorous and boron and minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium. Thus, they can make your child stronger and less susceptible to develop bone disorders and bone diseases.

Besides providing essential nutrients, these diets can also shape your child’s life and attitude positively. For example, they promote an optimistic attitude towards life, which helps them to be healthier, to develop healthy eating habits, and to feel good about themselves. These kinds of foods can be very good tools in helping your child become more creative and independent and to deal with problems with more maturity.

staple diet

Vegetarian Diet

A good example of a staple diet is that of a vegetarian diet, which is said to provide lots of protein but also provide the required vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Therefore, children who follow this kind of diet often become strong, have strong bones and are less likely to suffer from calcium and magnesium deficiency diseases.

Another good example of a staple diet is that of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables which provide the body with essential nutrients. This diet can be made by simply adding vegetables, fruits and protein sources like nuts and grains to your daily food intake. However, the quantity should be sufficient enough so that the child’s absorption is not compromised. It can also contain other minerals and vitamins necessary for proper growth.

Foods rich in Vitamin A and C are also said to be a great source of food for young children because they can help children maintain strong bones and stimulate the production of new bone cells. Fruits and vegetables, however, should not be included in this kind of diet as they can provide the body with too much Vitamin C in large doses.